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To come to Facultad de Fisioterapia (UVa)

If you are a foreign student and you want to join to our faculty under an inter-institutional agreement, you have two possibilities:
  • MOBILITY FOR STUDIES (only for students coming from institutions with bilateral agreements, Erasmus+ or other, previously established):
    • Analyze our syllabus
    • To follow any semester or academic year, you will have to register and proceed as it is marked in the “Student registration and enrolment” chapter of the Foreign students Guide from UVa (pay attention to the deadline)
    • All the academic rules of UVa will be applied to this kind of students and they will have to adapt to the academic calendar (see in the Foreign students Guide)
                IMPORTANT FACTS:
    • In the same semester, you cannot follow subjects from different academic levels (1st and 2d year, for example)
    • About the subjects called “Practicum I or II” (clinical placements in 3d and 4th years):
      • Each of them has 21 ECTS (around 263 hours at a hospital or clinic)
      • The admission to these subjects depends on the availability of positions. For the next year (2018/19), we only have positions in the 2d semester of 4th year (Practicum II)
      • Sometimes, the Practicum can be performed out of Soria (Valladolid, for example)
      • When you follow the Practicum, it is really difficult to study any other subject from our Degree
      • In addition to register to be a student in the UVa, you will have to fill in our faculty Application form.
  • MOBILITY FOR TRAINEESHIP (only for students coming from institutions with bilateral Erasmus+ agreements previously established with our faculty):
    • You will have to be accredited in the knowledge of Spanish language (at least a B1 level)
    • You only can carry out a traineeship in Soria institutions
    • The traineeship will take place in the second semester (from February to May), around 25 hours per week
    • The traineeship period has a minimum of 2 months (60 days), as it is marked in the Erasmus+ program rules. The maximum you can stay with us is 3 months
    • For the academic year 2018/19, you will have to apply in our faculty before January 15th 2019 (Application form)
Contact: coordinacion.relaciones.internacionales.fisio@uva.es  / icarrero@bio.uva.es
(For accommodation issues: internacional.soria@uva.es)

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